What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a type of component inserted surgically onto the jawbones to support the more artificial teeth. These are similar to screws and can also be considered as artificial tooth roots. Dental Implants are generally implanted when adults start losing their teeth due to age factors. These are made such that they look and feel exactly like natural teeth. They also help in maintaining the overall and painless movement of teeth.

Steps involved in a typical dental implants procedure

#1 Evaluation

Firstly, the doctor carries out an evaluation of the patient’s dental structure because there is the involvement of many surgical processes. Therefore, the doctor performs a thorough check-up. The doctor does the check-up using teeth models and X-rays. The doctor carries out the procedures to match the dental implants with the natural form and structure of teeth. After analyzing the state of the jawbone, the doctor first evaluates the number of teeth that need replacement. After this analysis, the doctor proceeds for further procedures.

#2 Grafting of the bone and removal of teeth

Bone grafting is essential for those patients who do not have a thick jawbone. In case you do not get bone grafting and have a soft jawbone, then chewing can exert pressure. Due to this, the bones and the implant will face a negative effect. Thus, bone grafting will be able to provide the extra support required for dental implants.

You can choose from different options for a bone graft such as natural or synthetic bone grafts. After the initial bone graft, it might take four to twelve months for the next stage. It is only after the healing procedure that your doctor can remove teeth for dental implant procedure.

#3 Placement of Implant

Once you are ready, a metal screw will be inserted into your bones. This metal screw acts as a support for the entire prosthesis. This procedure can take up to a couple of hours. After placing into your jawbone structure, sufficient healing time is essential for the patient. Typical healing time may last up to five months for the lower jaw structure. However, it might take up to seven months for the upper jaw structure to heal. After adequate healing, you can move onto the next stage.

#4 Placement of the healing collar or the temporary crown

After attaching the implants into your jawbone, the doctor fixes a healing collar. The healing collar is a round metal piece that keeps the gum and the implant separated. The doctor places the healing collar on the top of the implant. It is also known as the healing cap. This cap will pave the right way for the gum tissues to heal further. After the placement of the healing collar, it might typically take ten to fifteen days for healing. Once the healing of the tissues is complete, you can move on to the next stage.

#5 Placement of the abutment

An abutment is a connecting element. This element is connected to the dental implants and supports the crown. There is an abutment necessary for each tooth that needs replacement. After the placing of the abutment, you will have to use a temporary crown. This temporary crown will aid in further healing of the tissues. The patient will have to wear the temporary crown for at least four to six weeks.

#6 Placement of the permanent crown

The last step in any dental implants procedure is to place the permanent crown. These permanent crowns look exactly like your natural teeth. The doctor either screws them onto the abutment or cement to their right position. There are generally two types of permanent crowns available: removable crown or fixed crown.

Removable crowns are artificial white teeth that have pink plastic material. The doctor generally fixes them on to a metal frame. This metal is then attached to the abutment. Just as the name suggests, one can remove these daily for cleaning. While on the other hand, the fixed crowns are artificial teeth that are either screwed or cemented. This is a more permanent solution than the former. This is a more stable and stronger dental implants option.

Benefits of getting a dental implant from Dr. Kaveh Kanani

#1 The latest dental implants procedures available are extremely pain-free. The new and innovative flap-less and drill-less dental implants have proven to be a better solution in comparison to conventional techniques. With the revolutionary technology used by Dr. Kaveh Kanani, your dental surgeries are now going to be painless! He has come up with a modern procedure to convert the bone to a thicker wall. In this way, the support that dental implants get will be much stronger than traditional procedures.

#2 The dental implant surgery provided by Dr. Kaveh Kanani is an extremely cost-effective procedure. A typical dental implant surgery will cost you approximately $4,000. However, with Dr. Kaveh Kanani’s latest technology, you can get your dental implant done in just $2,500 – $3,000. In case you need to get bone grafting, then you would have to pay an additional $4,000 – $5,000.

#3 In comparison to other techniques available, this modern procedure is non-invasive and has a faster recovery time. This new technique does not require drilling into your gums or your jaws. It also aims to minimize the number of incisions and poking required to the fullest. Additionally, this improved process requires less healing time, nearly half in comparison to the traditional methods. Therefore, you will be to resume your daily activities soon.

About Woodland Hills Dental Spa

Woodland Hills Dental Spa is a California-based dental spa, which was established in the year 2001. The founder of this dental spa is the world-renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Kaveh Kanani. He is famous for providing his patients with an extremely comforting and secure environment. When it comes to bringing you a beautiful smile, Dr. Kaveh Kanani is your go-to person. The procedures and techniques involved at Woodland Hills Dental Spa are extremely economical and pain-free.

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