What Do I Do If I Lose My Two Front Teeth?

The Chipmunks famously sang, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” However, what if you actually lose your two front teeth? Accidents happen, and unfortunately, our two front teeth can be a casualty. We hope this doesn’t ever happen to you. If it does, here’s what you can do in an emergency. Also, read on for how Tarzana dentist Dr. Kaveh Kanani can replace your two front teeth. Trusted dentist Dr. Kanani’s painless, non-invasive methods are your top choice for immediate tooth replacement.

In Case Of An Emergency, Here’s What To Do

In general, you want to be very careful when it comes to your mouth. If you play sports, make sure you wear a mouthguard. If you ride a motorcycle, make sure you’re always wearing a helmet. There are precautions we can all take to stay safe. However, sometimes, we get injured. Here’s what to do right away if you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency. If you have your front teeth knocked out, taking these steps can help you save them.

– Don’t panic. Staying calm will help control the bleeding.

– Find the tooth. Pick it up by the crown and don’t touch the root. If the tooth is dirty, rinse it briefly with water.

– If possible, place the tooth back in its original position. Otherwise, place the tooth in milk.

– Call your dentist immediately.

– If you can’t control the bleeding, call 9-1-1.

How Can I Replace My Missing Teeth?

Now that you’ve controlled your emergency, you’ll want to fix your teeth. All teeth are essential to fix. However, Dr. Kanani understands the importance of the two front teeth. It’s the first thing people see when we smile. Also, if you find yourself with a missing tooth, chances are you want to replace it asap.

If you’ve lost a tooth and got treatment right away, you might be able to salvage the original tooth. The dentist might be able to put it back in place. However, you should note that this isn’t an option for everyone. It depends on how badly your tooth was injured. If the primary tooth will not heal successfully, Dr. Kanani has additional methods to give you back your smile.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can be one of the most devastating dental problems to affect our smiles. If you’ve lost a tooth, Dr. Kanani understands it’s imperative to get a dental implant right away. With Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, and flap-less dental implants technique, you get your missing tooth replaced in one day. The severity of your dental problem will determine if Dr. Kanani can perform his dental implants procedure in one day. However, for many of Dr. Kanani’s patients, the painless, drill-less, and flap-less method is faster at replacing missing teeth. Tarzana dentist Dr. Kanani’s innovative dental implants technique creates a temporary crown restoration on the day of your procedure. The Los Angeles cosmetic dental surgeon’s process typically takes no more than 40 minutes to an hour. While permanent implant placement happens later, you’ll still leave Dr. Kanani’s office that day with a temporary dental implant.

Bridge Dentistry for Missing Teeth

Dental bridges are a cosmetic dental procedure that work well to create an even and natural-looking smile. If patients have missing teeth due to an accident, they can significantly benefit from dental bridges. A bridge is designed to replace the missing teeth, and the surrounding natural teeth supports the bridge. Dr. Kanani will place a dental bridge in the spaces where the teeth are missing. Accidents can cause damage to the tooth roots, and many times, a dentist will need to extract the entire tooth root. If this is the case, Dr. Kanani can surgically insert a dental implant and fasten the bridge to the implant. It’s common for patients to be embarrassed to smile after losing their teeth. As a remedy, dental bridges are aesthetically pleasing and completely functional. More importantly, dental bridges stop your other teeth from shifting out of position.

Removable Partial Denture for Missing Teeth

Another option to replace missing teeth is a removable partial denture. A removable partial denture is durable and made to last for years with proper care. Similar to a bridge, a denture will not replace the absence of the tooth. The downside of a denture is that some teeth may shift together. When teeth move closer together, gaps may form in the mouth.

How Soon Should I Replace My Missing Teeth?

It’s important that a missing tooth is replaced as soon as possible for several reasons. If not treated, the teeth surrounding the gap begin to shift inward. Every tooth uses its neighboring teeth for support. With one missing tooth, the surrounding teeth will start to shift and loosen. As the jaw continues to worsen, the bite changes in response to the pressure. Tooth loss can eventually result in problems with the entire jaw, also known as TMJ. The surrounding teeth deteriorate, and it’s just a matter of time before they too are lost. Gum disease can also become a problem, with the difficulty of treatment increasing as the neglect continues.

Call Dr. Kanani For Same-Day Dental Implants

If you’ve lost your two front teeth due to an accident, call Dr. Kanani today. Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, and flap-less dental technique is:

  • non-invasive
  • cost-effective
  • less time-consuming
  • leads to faster recovery times

Get Help With Missing Teeth

Losing your front teeth can be an emotional experience. Trusted Tarzana dentist Dr. Kanani is here to ensure you get the best possible care. Our team will ensure your procedure is as painless as possible. After the process, we look forward to seeing you smile again. If you have recently experienced tooth loss as a result of an accident, call Dr. Kanani today. His dedicated team in Greater Los Angeles has been serving patients since 2001. Dr. Kanani is one of the most innovative dentists today. His non-invasive techniques lead to less pain and faster recovery times for his patients. Get back to your original smile today and call Dr. Kanani for a free consultation. For help fixing missing teeth, call (818) 999-4445, or visit www.woodlandhillsdentalspa.com.

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