Should I Get Dental Implants Or Veneers?

Thanks to technology, patients looking to replace missing teeth now have a variety of ways to get their smiles back. Trusted cosmetic dental surgeon Dr. Kaveh Kanani has over a decade of experience helping Los Angeles patients reclaim their smiles. When you discuss restorative dental procedure options with Dr. Kanani, he’ll explain two options: porcelain veneers and dental implants. There are key factors to consider when talking about your restorative dental options with your Tarzana dentist. The features to consider when determining how to reclaim your smile include:

  • The level of tooth decay you have
  • Each procedure’s potential impact on your oral health issues

Additionally, there is often a significant difference between the cost of veneers and implants. You should factor in price when making your decision as well.

How severe is your tooth damage?

Porcelain veneers are known to work best when you require a total fix for minor cosmetic damage to your teeth. Cosmetic damage to your teeth may include:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Stains

Additionally, veneers may be for you if you want to fix any spacing or alignment issues without braces or Invisalign. If you have significant damage to your teeth, dental implants will be the best long-term option. Significant teeth damage may include broken teeth at the gum line or other restorative dental issues. Dental implants provide long-term benefits because they replace the entire broken or damaged tooth structure. Additionally, dental implants can prevent infections and further complications in the future.

Do You Need to Correct Issues with Your Bite?

Have you recently lost a tooth and want to prevent bit alignment issues? Bite alignment issues are important because they can impact your ability to smile, chew, or talk. Dental implants can help fix bite alignment issues. Dental implants fill the gap to improve your teeth remained aligned and well-spaced. With his painless, flap-less, drill-less dental implants procedure, Dr. Kanani can increase the health of your jawbone and gum tissue. However, veneers cannot fix any bite issues. Dental veneers can fix any aesthetic imperfections caused by poorly spaced teeth.

Do Dental Veneers or Dental Implants Last Longer?

When you get dental implants, you are paying for care that will last at least 25 years. Porcelain veneers, however, will typically only last about 10 years before requiring replacement or adjustment. Veneers are a quick and easy way to replace missing teeth. However, dental implants will provide you with more of a long-term fix.

What is the Difference in Cost for Dental Veneers and Dental Implants?

In addition to finances, it’s essential to consider time and effort when thinking about the cost of veneers and implants. It’s possible that the cost of veneers and implants over the course of your life may be even. Veneers can typically cost up to $1,000 per tooth. Also, you’ll need to get replacements every 10 years. However, Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, flap-less bone expansion method has the benefit of being less costly for patients. Dr. Kanani’s painless, flap-less, drill-less surgery method brings the cost of dental implants down to an unprecedented $999. Most dental implant surgeries can run up a medical bill of close to $3,000.

What Is Dr. Kanani’s Painless, Flap-less, Drill-Less Dental Implants Method?

Dr. Kanani’s painless, flap-less, drill-less bone expansion method allows patients to waive the need to undergo block bone graft surgery. Dr. Kanani’s technique removes the need to drill into the jawbone to replace the dental implant. Instead, Dr. Kanani uses a series of dental instruments to expand the jawbone until a space large enough to fit the implant has formed. You can get the procedure in only one visit. Additionally, it doesn’t require the added six months of weight time or the cost of the bone graft. Also, Dr. Kanani’s painless dental implants procedure allows you to keep your bone tissue.

How Does Dr. Kanani’s Painless, Flap-Less, Drill-Less Dental Implants Procedure Work?

The technique Dr. Kanani uses is a way to condense the outer bone into a thicker wall that creates more support for the dental implant. Dr. Kanani uses a series of dental equipment to expand the jawbone. A small gap will then form, and Dr. Kanani will insert the titanium dental implant. Dr. Kanani then sutures the gap closed and gives the patient several months to recover.

Do You Want A Painless Way To Restore Your Smile? Call Dr. Kaveh Kanani

Dr. Kanani has engineered a way to insert dental implants without drilling into the jawbone or cutting the gums. This painless procedure guarantees the patient a much shorter healing period. Also, Dr. Kanani’s procedure ensures less pain and a less hefty dental bill. When it comes to Dr. Kanani’s method, patients do not grapple with the decision to undergo block bone graft surgery. Dr. Kanani’s painless dental implants method can save you thousands of dollars in dental implants cost.

This technique is a minimally invasive way for patients to get back the smile they deserve. Patients don’t need to spend money, pain, and time to restore their smiles.

Want to Recover Faster? Call Dr. Kaveh Kanani

Dr. Kanani’s patients have attested to experiencing shorter recovery times than those who undergo conventional dental implant methods. In the traditional method of surgery, dentists will drill into the patient’s jawbone and cut gums open. In most cases with Dr. Kanani’s painless, flap-less, drill-less method, the patient also experiences fewer post-surgery complications. Dr. Kanani can treat his patients without performing a block bone graft. The removal of block bone graft surgery saves patients more than six months of healing time.

Contact Dr. Kanani for a free consultation

Are you looking to restore your smile with dental veneers or dental implants? Call Dr. Kanani today to find out which restorative dental procedure is right for you. Dr. Kanani has been restoring patients’ smiles for more than a decade. He is offering prospective patients free consultations in his eco-friendly Tarzana dental office. Dr. Kanani will first examine your teeth to determine what repairs you may need before the veneers or implants procedure. Then, Dr. Kanani will discuss a treatment plan with which you’re comfortable. If you’re ready to get back your smile, contact Dr. Kaveh Kanani today.

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