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Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles: Dental Veneers In Woodland Hills

Around The Corner Dental Health Spa specializes in various cosmetic dental procedures, including Dental Veneers Dentistry in Los Angeles.  Cosmetic veneers are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry, as they are natural looking and can be permanently placed within two to three visits.  Dr. Kanani can assist you in creating the perfect smile with dental veneers.


Am I A Good Candidate For Veneers?

For patients that are interested in Veneers Dentistry and looking for cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and cosmetic dentist in woodland hills and surrounding areas, the first step is to make an appointment with our dentist office for a consultation with Dr. Kanani top Los Angeles Cosmetic dentist and Los Angeles Dental Surgeon and your first Choice of Dentist in Woodland Hills. Hi will examine your teeth and advise on whether or not he feels you are a good candidate. Individuals that have stained teeth due to smoking, coffee drinking and age are great candidates for veneers, as well as individuals that have cracked or uneven teeth.  Patients should be aware of the fact that any existing dental problems will need to be addressed prior to placing the dental veneers, as this will ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy enough for this procedure. For example, if you have the beginning stages of gingivitis, Dr. Kanani, cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles may recommend a deep cleaning of your teeth before placing the dental veneers. Once you have had the proper teeth cleaning and any treatments that may be needed, you will be ready for the next step at the dentist office Los Angeles.

Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles: Dental Veneers Procedure

The process of placing dental veneers usually takes 2-3 appointments.  The first appointment with the Los Angeles Cosmetic dentist consists of a prepping the teeth. Dr. Kanani a top choice of cosmetic dentist in Woodland Hills will take impressions of your teeth in order to create a mold for the dental lab. He may also shave off a small area of your teeth in order for the veneers to fit properly, and this will depend on the type of veneers that the dentist has in mind for you.  There are dental veneers that are as thin as a contact lens, and they are considered “prep-free”. These types of veneers work better for individuals that have minimal staining or discoloration, as natural light tends to make the dental veneers translucent.  If you are someone with stained or discolored teeth Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kanani may recommend veneers that are thicker in size, and these require the teeth to be sized down a bit.

Once the teeth have been properly prepared, the dentist in Los Angeles will be ready for the placement of temporary dental veneers.  Temporaries are placed on the patient’s teeth in order to keep them from shifting, as it takes a few weeks until the permanent veneers are ready. The temporary veneers will have a similar look and feel to your permanent veneers, but they won’t be the exact size and shade. Your Dentist in Woodland hills Dr. Kanani and your top choice of Dental Surgeon in Los Angeles will advise on how to brush while wearing the temporary veneers, as you will have to be careful to ensure that the temporaries stay in place.  You may be advised not to floss in certain areas in order to prevent the veneers from popping off. The reason that it may be difficult to floss is because with multiple veneers, the temporaries do not have spaces in between each tooth. Los Angeles Dentists say that  home care during this period is important, and you will want to take extra care of your teeth and gums by rinsing with warm salt water. This will aid in the healing of gum tissue.

Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles: Placement of Permanent Veneers

Once the dental lab has successfully created your permanent dental veneers, your  dentins in Los Angeles, will contact you to schedule your final dental veneers placement procedure.  On the appointment day, Dr. Kanani, top dentist in Woodland Hills, Calabasas and surrounding areas will remove the temporary dental veneers with a special tool and will make sure your teeth and gums are properly cleaned. Debris and plaque can build up during the two -three week period where you are wearing the temporary dental veneers, and it is important for the area to be cleaned thoroughly before placement of dental veneer.  Once your teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned, the dentist will begin to permanently cement the veneers onto your teeth.  The dentist will prepare your teeth by applying a special solution, and the dental veneers will be cemented on permanently.  The dentist will secure the cement by using a special dental tool that cures with light and heat, and this part of the procedure will take less than 30 minutes. Once the dentist has the dental veneers cemented in place and the dentist has determined that they are secure, Dr. Kanani, your top choice of cosmetic dentist in Woodland hills, Calabasas and surrounding areas and his dental assistant will perform any last minute touch ups that may be needed, and the results will be a bright new smile.

Dentist in Woodland Hills: Contact our Dentist Office in Woodland Hills

If you are someone that has stained, cracked, or discolored teeth and they are starting to interfere with your confidence and well-being, you are the perfect candidate for a dental makeover. Contact us at Around The Corner Dental Health Spa for a consultation and exam, and we will be happy to advise on Veneers-Dentistry-Los Angeles. Los Angeles Top Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Kanani is highly skilled in cosmetic dental procedures, and you will be truly amazed with your new smile.

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