Dentist in Woodland Hills: Dental Filling in Woodland Hills

Fillings are done to remove decay, and replace the affected tooth structure. Now days most teeth are treated with bonded tooth colored composite resin dental fillings. Caught early enough, cavities can be treated easily and painlessly. If not treated decay can lead to tooth pain and/or infection, and the tooth would need root canal treatment or extraction.

Cosmetic Dentistry Woodland Hills: Filling Dentistry

Los Angeles Dental office Around The Corner Dental  Spa and  Dr. Kanani a top dentist in Woodland Hills can assist you with replacing old fillings, amalgam fillings, as well as placing new fillings if needed to treat cavities and tooth decay.  Dental fillings of today’s world are not what they used to be.  Years ago, dentists used amalgam fillings to treat tooth decay and cavities, and although these fillings last a long time and assist with protecting the dentin and tooth roots, various issues have surfaced in the last twenty years or so, and Woodland Hills dental and dentistry health professionals have come to the conclusion that amalgam fillings should be removed and replaced with mercury and metal free composite fillings.  There have been cases of mercury illness reported, and amalgam fillings are also known to leak, and can cause decay underneath the dental filling, and this can result in the need for a root canal. Woodland Hills Composite Dentistry  fillings are the most popular choice, as they are aesthetically pleasing and patients do not run the risk of stained teeth or what is known as an “amalgam tattoo”, which is the staining of gum tissue caused by metal and amalgam.  If you are looking to replace your metal or amalgam fillings, or if you are experiencing tooth pain and are concerned you may have a cavity, you can contact us at  Around The Corner Dental Health Spa for a full exam and X- rays.   The X- rays will determine if you have any new cavities, and a full dental exam will allow a top dentist in Woodland Hills Dr. Kanani to assess your current amalgam fillings and any damage they may be causing.

Cosmetic Dentist Woodland Hills: Dental Filling Procedure

If a cavity is detected, a filling will be the next step.  The woodland hills dentist will first numb the area with a topical anesthetic, and then he will proceed with the drilling process.  The drill will remove the tooth decay, and the reason that patients are numb during this process is that some cavities can run pretty deep, and there can be discomfort while drilling.  Once the drilling has taken place, the dentist will manually remove any remaining decay with a special instrument.  If the cavity is unusually deep, Dentist in Woodland Hills and Calabasas Dentist Dr. Kanani may place a medicated filling deep inside to assist with sensitivity issues.  With composite fillings, the composite material will be placed into the tooth cavity, and then it will be cured with light.  This is a relatively painless process, and the end result is a comfortable composite filling.  Your dentist will perform a few bite tests to make sure that the filling fits properly.  Your teeth may remain sensitive for up to a week or longer, and it may take a while for your bite to completely adjust to the filling.  This is all completely normal, and your teeth should adjust over time.  If you experience any pain or sensitivity after the initial healing period, you can contact us for a follow up appointment and a top Los Angeles Dentist Dr. Kanani will assess the situation.

Replacement of Dental Fillings in Woodland Hills Dentist office

The filling dentistry replacement procedure is slightly different than placing a standard dental fillings.  The old fillings will first have to be removed with a special filing dentistry tool.  The patient will be given a local anesthetic due to the fact that older fillings can be slightly difficult to remove.  Once the fillings have been removed successfully, the dentist will remove any decay that may have built up underneath the fillings over time.  This is fairly common in individuals that have loose fillings or fillings that have expanded over the years, causing “leaks”.  The procedure to remove the tooth decay is the same procedure as a standard filling.  The dentist will drill the area and then manually remove any extra debris.  Once the teeth are ready for the new fillings, the dentist will proceed with placing in the composite fillings.  The same instructions should be followed as with standard filling placement.  If the teeth are sensitive after the normal healing period, contact our office for a follow up appointment, and Woodland Hills Dental Surgeon Dr. Kanani and a top dentist in Woodland Hills will make sure that everything is healing properly.  Replacing your old fillings will not only give you a lovely and confident smile, it will remove any risk of illness or issues that have been reported due to amalgam fillings.  Your mouth will look and feel healthier, and you will no longer have to worry about potential health risks.

Dr. Kanani a top and highly respected Dentist in Woodland Hills and his professional staff at Around The Corner Dental Health Spa  your first choice of dental office in Los Angeles are here to help you with all of your dental health needs. If you are ready to replace your old and amalgam fillings or if you are experiencing tooth pain and are concerned about cavities, our professional and caring staff and our top dentist in woodland hills is here to assist you.  We will conduct a full exam and take X rays of your teeth in order to determine the best course of treatment.  It is most important to catch cavities and decay as soon as possible to halt further decay, and Dr. Kanani a top dentist in Woodland Hills is an expert in his field of dentistry.  Call our office today and we promise that Dr. Kanani your top choice of dentist in Woodland Hills will bring your smile back to a healthy condition.

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