Painless, Drill-Less, And Flap-less Dental Implants Technique

Are you struggling with your smile due to a missing tooth? Do you have teeth that appear to be rotting away? Are you struggling with a medical condition that can lead to tooth loss? If any of these questions strike a nerve with you, consider Dr. Kaveh Kanani’s painless, drill-less, flap-less dental implants technique.

Tooth loss can be one of the most devastating dental problems to affect our smiles. If you’ve lost a tooth, Dr. Kanani understands it’s imperative to get a dental implant right away. With Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, and flap-less dental implants technique, you get your missing tooth replaced in one day. The severity of your dental problem will determine if Dr. Kanani can perform his dental implants procedure in one day. However, for many of Dr. Kanani’s patients, the painless, drill-less, and flap-less method is faster at replacing missing teeth.

How Can I Replace My Missing Tooth In One Day?

Tarzana dentist Dr. Kanani’s innovative dental implants technique creates a temporary crown restoration on the day of your procedure. The Los Angeles cosmetic dental surgeon’s process typically takes no more than 40 minutes to an hour. While permanent implant placement happens later, you’ll still leave Dr. Kanani’s office that day with a temporary dental implant. With your missing tooth replaced immediately, you won’t be embarrassed to smile while at work or a social function.

By condensing the outer bone of the tooth into a thicker wall, Dr. Kanani creates more support for the implant. Dr. Kanani calls the process of condensing the outer bone of the tooth bone expansion. Once a gap exists in the jaw, Dr. Kanani places the implant in and sutures it closed. The patient then recovers for approximately four to five months and returns for the permanent implant.

Benefits Of Same-Day Dental Implants

There are many benefits to dental implants. However, being able to replace your missing tooth on the same day makes the benefits of dental implants even greater. Below are a few benefits of Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, and flap-less technique.

Instant Comfort

Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, and flap-less procedure gives you back your smile and your ability to eat and speak normally.

Confidence Boost

If you’re struggling with missing teeth, it’s likely you don’t feel comfortable smiling. Dr. Kanani’s non-invasive dental implants procedure will instantly give you your smile and confidence back.

Positive Oral Health

Dr. Kanan’s painless, drill-less, flap-less same-day dental implants procedure can improve your oral health. Dental implants allow for easier access between teeth, making it easier to maintain oral hygiene.

How Does Dr. Kanani’s Painless, Drill-Less, Flap-Less Technique Compare To Traditional Dental Implants Surgery?

Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, flap-less bone expansion technique is one of the most innovative methods for dental implants. Below we explain how Dr. Kanani’s technique is different from traditional dental implants methods.

It’s Minimally Invasive

There’s no need to cut into the gums or drill unnecessary holes in your bone to regain the smile you deserve.

It Takes One Day

Dr. Kanani’s flap-less, drill-less, and painless method is done all in one day.

It’s Cost-Effective

Dr. Kanani’s new flap-less, drill-less, and painless bone extension method will typically only run you approximately $799. Traditional dental implant surgeries usually cost $3,000.

Patients Recover Faster

Patients are experiencing much quicker recovery times with Dr. Kanani’s new dental implant surgery method. Plus, because there’s less pain during the actual procedure, the healing response from patients is often more favorable.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

If you take good care of your dental implants, they can last you many years and up to a lifetime. Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, flap-less dental implants are designed to last you as long as your natural teeth. Just like your regular teeth, dental implants require routine brushing and flossing to maintain their health. Regular visits to your Tarzana dentist’s office will also be necessary to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Don’t Wait Months. Fix Your Missing Tooth Now.

Dr. Kanani’s same-day dental implant technique can save you months of waiting for a new tooth. The painless, drill-less, flap-less bone expansion method for dental implants is also more cost-effective than conventional types of surgery. It’s more cost-effective to use Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, flap-less method because the extra preparation and surgery time is nonexistent. Dr. Kanani’s non-invasive dental implants procedure reduces the number of visits required for surgery. Also, Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, flap-less dental implants procedure is minimally invasive, so your recovery time is quicker. Once the dental implant heals, Dr. Kanani will place the permanent crown over the tooth. The difference between your dental implant and your previous tooth is practically nonexistent.

Who is Dr. Kaveh Kanani?

Dr. Kanani is one of the most trusted dentists in Greater Los Angeles. Working out of his Tarzana-based office, Dr. Kanani has been helping dental patients since 2001. Dr. Kanani developed his flap-less, drill-less, and painless bone extension technique with his patients in mind. He knew that traditional forms of dental implant surgery were becoming increasingly difficult for patients to endure.So Dr. Kanani’s method gives patients back the smiles they deserve. However, it’s less painful, less time-consuming, and more cost-effective. That way, you can spend more time smiling and less time in pain.

Call Dr. Kanani For Same-Day Dental Implants

Call Dr. Kanani today if you’re looking for a dental implant surgery technique that is:

  •    non-invasive
  •    more cost-effective
  •    less time-consuming
  •    leads to faster recovery times

Tarzana dentist Dr. Kanani’s painless, drill-less, flap-less method is your choice for same-day dental implants. With Dr. Kanani’s non-invasive method, you’ll experience less pain and quicker recovery time. Every non-invasive dental implant procedure begins with a free consultation. Dr. Kanani will create a customized treatment plan just for you. Get back to your original smile today and call Dr. Kanani for a free consultation. For painless, drill-less, flap-less dental implants, call (818) 999-4445, or visit

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