How Long Do Dentures Last?

Before people decide to get dentures, they typically wonder how long they’ll last. On average, dentures last between five and seven years. Similar to natural teeth, dentures can wear down with age. As we grow old, our mouths are always changing. To ensure your dentures continue to fit correctly, your dentist will need to make adjustments from time to time. You should plan to see your dentist at least once a year for a checkup. Also, you should notify your doctor if you experience any irritation or discomfort. Even if your pain is minor, your health and comfort are essential. Trusted Tarzana dentist Dr. Kaveh Kanani has been providing dentures to patients for over a decade. If you’re interested in getting dentures, call Dr. Kanani today for a free consultation.

When you choose Around the Corner Dental Spa for your dentures, we’ll go above and beyond for you.

What Are My Denture Options?

Dr. Kanani offers several options for dentures. All dentures at Around the Corner Dental Spa are custom-made and hand-crafted for you. Partial dentures can be a great solution if only some of your natural teeth are missing. Getting partial dentures can make it easier to chew and speak. Also, partial dentures can help support cheeks and lips, so you don’t experience sagging in your face. Dentures can also prevent your remaining natural teeth from shifting.

Complete dentures are custom-made, full-jaw dentures. Your full dentures will feature replacement teeth consisting of an acrylic base. The acrylic base is created to match the shade of your natural oral tissue.

What Are Some Common Issues With Dentures?

New dentures can be a big step for a patient. Give yourself time to get used to your new dentures. Some common issues that patients experience after getting dentures may include:

–    Increased saliva

–    Feeling as if your dentures are too loose or too big for your mouth

–    Irritation

–    Soreness

The above issues will get better over time. However, if you experience problems for a prolonged period, speak with your dentist. You may need to visit your dentist periodically for checkups and adjustments. Additionally, even though you don’t have your natural teeth, your dentist will recommend you visit annually for an exam. During your review, your dentist will update your dental and medical history. Additionally, your dentist may perform an exam of your head and neck to ensure your dentures are fitting and working correctly. If you experience any problems between checkups, contact your dentist to schedule an appointment.

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Dentures?

The American Dental Association recommends replacing your dentures every five to seven years. Replacing your dentures will ensure proper fit and appearance. Similar to your regular teeth, denture teeth can wear down over time. Additionally, dentures can stain faster than your natural teeth. Your tissues in your mouth may also change over time, resulting in an improper fit.

How Long Must I Wait For Dentures After Getting Teeth Pulled?

If you’re planning to get teeth pulled, you may be wondering how to get replacement teeth after. Dr. Kanani offers a variety of smile restoration options, including complete and partial dentures. Are you wondering how long you need to wait to get dentures after having teeth extracted? Is it possible to get dentures at the same time as having teeth pulled? The short answer is that, each patient is different. Usually, you can get dentures approximately six to eight weeks after tooth extraction. During that time, your mouth should heal sufficiently enough to support dentures. However, Dr. Kanani will reexamine your mouth to ensure you’ve adequately repaired before fitting dentures. Dr. Kanani will also consult with you to see what type of dentures are best for your smile. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Around the Corner Dental spa is ready to help you find your perfect smile.

What Should I Expect From A Tooth Extraction?

If you have teeth to remove before getting dentures, Dr. Kanani can perform a tooth extraction procedure. During a tooth extraction, Dr. Kanani will perform a surgical procedure to cut your gums and remove the teeth. Recovery from a tooth extraction can be uncomfortable and sometimes involves swelling and bleeding. It may be painful to apply the dentures right after your tooth extraction procedure. The swelling could also lead to your dentures fitting improperly. Dr. Kanani will also perform a thorough tooth cleaning to ensure a strong foundation for the dentures.

What Does It Feel Like To Have Dentures?

When you first get dentures, it may feel like you have a foreign object in your mouth. Additionally, you can experience a gagging sensation or awkwardness that affects your speech. You may also experience fullness in the lips, sore areas, and challenges in eating and chewing. Give yourself some time to learn how to eat, speak, and function again with new dentures.

However, despite the learning curve, you will also experience improved satisfaction with your smile and appearance. Additionally, you will eventually experience an enhanced ability to eat and speak. If you have TMJ issues, you’ll feel relief with that as well, and a general increase in the feeling of well-being.

What are the Benefits of Dentures?

While dentures will take some getting used to, they do come with benefits. Some of the benefits of partial and complete dentures include:

–    Improved quality of life: If you suffer from tooth loss, you know everyday actions such as chewing can be hard. Dentures make it easier to handle your daily life.

–    Cost-effective: You can get dentures in full sets for those with more advanced tooth loss. Partial dentures are available for those who are just missing a few teeth. Whichever option you chose, dentures are a cost-effective treatment option. Other alternatives for replacing missing teeth can be more costly.

–    Long-Lasting: Even though you will eventually need to replace your dentures, they can last up to ten years. Your dentist will advise you on how to care for your dentures properly.

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