How Do I Choose Between Dental Veneers And Tooth Bonding?

Are you looking to make some cosmetic restorations to one or more teeth? Find out if dental veneers or tooth bonding are the right options for you,Dental Veneers or Tooth Bonding  .It’s great to have options when choosing between dental veneers or tooth bonding to fix our smiles. However, having too many choices can sometimes make the decision process more challenging. Many patients come to cosmetic dentist Dr. Kaveh Kanani wanting to perfect and restore their smiles. However, these same patients often struggle with knowing which cosmetic dentistry procedure is right for their specific situation. Dr. Kanani offers a wide selection of treatment options to restore smiles. Choosing the right cosmetic dentistry treatment option can be overwhelming at the beginning. The team at Around the Corner Dental Spa can help ease your mind during your initial free consultation. We’ll learn more about you and what you want for your new, improved smile. Are dental veneers or tooth bonding for you? Read on to learn about the differences between these two treatments, and if they might be right for you.

How Do I Choose Between Dental Veneers And Tooth Bonding?

Around the Corner Dental Spa can help you determine exactly which cosmetic dental treatment is best for you. However, before your dental appointment, you should have an idea of what you’re looking. Keep reading to learn more about the similarities and differences between tooth bonding and dental veneers. Knowing the differences will give you a better idea of what each treatment can do for your smile.

What are the Differences Between Dental Veneers and Bonding?

Aside from the material and procedure, dental bonding is best for emergencies. If you have a fractured tooth, bonding is the quickest way to repair the tooth. Additionally, bonding is right for minor corrections of our teeth as the job can be done in one appointment. However, it can take up to three visits to complete your veneers to ensure a stronger and lasting experience. If you’re looking for a long-term, great fix, porcelain veneers are an option for you. However, veneers are a more extreme process. Getting veneers requires covering the entire tooth and shaving away some of your teeth.

In contrast, you can use bonding to fill a gap in your tooth or repair a corner fracture. The best option for you depends on what you want done and the result for which you’re looking. However, if you still aren’t sure, check with your dentist.

Dental Veneers or Tooth Bonding: When Are Dental Veneers The Best Option?

Many people, like celebrities, have been relying on dental veneers for a long time. Dental Veneers excel at creating beautiful and flawless smiles. Dental veneers are custom-made to fit over and hide dental imperfections such as:

–    Stained teeth

–    Misshapen or worn teeth

–    Chipped or cracked teeth

–    Slightly crooked teeth

–    Any gaps between teeth

Dr. Kanani makes the veneers sit naturally against your gum line by gently removing some of the tooth enamel. Removing tooth enamel can help the veneers bond more firmly to your teeth. However, eliminating tooth enamel makes dental veneers irreversible, which is something to consider when choosing between veneers and bonding. Additionally, because we customize the veneers, the process can take approximately three visits. Veneers can last up to 20 years or more if you properly care for them. If you want a longer-lasting cosmetic solution, veneers might be your answer.

When Is Tooth Bonding The Best Option?

Tooth bonding is simpler, faster, and more affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment than veneers. During the bonding process, a resin is made to match your natural tooth color. The dentist will pour the resin over your slight cosmetic flaws. After that, the dentist will sculpt the resin, dry it, and polish it to give your smile a brighter, more refreshed look. Bonding can fix small cosmetic flaws such as chipped, nicked, or misshapen teeth.

Tooth bonding is an excellent way to give your smile a facelift without making permanent changes to your teeth. However, bonding does have a shorter lifespan than dental veneers, lasting up to 10 years at most.

How Do I Choose Between Veneers and Bonding?

In general, porcelain veneers can provide a better look than composite bonding can when fixing tooth infractions. Over time, composite bonding will generally experience stains, while porcelain veneers can’t. Veneers can be the better long-term option as they can retain their look for up to 20 years. The best way to determine if veneers or bonding is for you is to speak with your dentist. Dr. Kanani can provide you details on the treatment process and results for both. While tooth bonding is excellent to fix small imperfections, veneers can provide you with a complete dental makeover.

Dental Veneers or Tooth Bonding: What are the benefits of Dental Composite Bonding?

There are several advantages to the bonding treatment option, which include:

–    Less tooth structure to alter

–    Dr. Kanani can treat one or several teeth in a single visit

–    Less time is involved in treatment, and less material, so bonding is cheaper than veneers

If you’re young, dental bonding is a right choice. However, whether you choose bonding or veneers, you will need to replace them at some point during your lifetime. At first, it may be best to go with the least expensive option. It’s possible to opt for veneers in the future.

How Do I Choose The Right Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment for Me?

It’s imperative to communicate your wants and needs to Dr. Kanani when choosing the right treatment for you. Dr. Kanani will take the time necessary to ensure we have a clear understanding of the results you’re seeking. We understand that you’re investing time and money into your cosmetic dentistry treatment. Therefore, we want you to be thrilled with your results, no matter which treatment you feel is best for you. For more information about dental bonding and veneers, call Dr. Kanani today to schedule a free consultation.

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