How Do Adults Lose Teeth?

As we grow old, many things start to change. Sometimes, we don’t have much energy. Our hair starts to turn grey. Also, our bodies begin to change, including our teeth. However, how we take care of ourselves now affects our future selves. Trusted Tarzana dentist Dr. Kaveh Kanani says poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth loss in Los Angeles. Sugar can affect your risk for tooth loss in Tarzana. Consuming too much sugar feeds the bacteria in our mouth. Bacteria in our mouth can cause tooth decay and gum disease. The number one cause for adult tooth loss in Los Angeles is gum disease. However, keeping up with regular dental checkups can prevent tooth loss in Los Angeles. Sometimes, it’s not just the sugar that causes tooth loss, but other factors. Read on for other causes of tooth loss in Los Angeles.


As we get old, problems may arise that we don’t anticipate. Getting older can lead to tooth loss in Los Angeles. Your risk of tooth loss in Tarzana increases in your 30s. Innovative Tarzana dentist Dr. Kanani treats patients with tooth loss in Los Angeles. If you are getting older and starting to worry about the health of your teeth, see Dr. Kanani. For patients experiencing tooth loss in Los Angeles, Dr. Kanani offers a variety of services. Procedures that Dr. Kanani offers to fix tooth loss include painless, flap-less, drill-less dental implants in Los Angeles.

Tooth loss in men

Studies show that men are more at risk of tooth loss than women.

Poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth loss

Dr. Kanani encourages his patients to keep up with cleanings and checkups every six months. Also, Dr. Kanani encourages patients to practice good dental hygiene at home. Poor dental health can lead to tooth loss in Los Angeles. If you allow bacteria and plaque to build, your teeth may start to decay. Tooth decay and gum disease are significant factors that lead to tooth loss in Los Angeles. Ensure you are practicing good dental hygiene by brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly. Also, make sure you are visiting Dr. Kanani for annual checkups.

Professional dental hygiene

Along with practicing proper dental hygiene at home, you need to visit your trusted Los Angeles dentist. Regular dental checkups are essential to maintaining your dental health. A trusted Tarzana dentist would screen for many factors that may lead to tooth loss in Los Angeles or worse. Make sure you stay on top of anything affecting your smile by visiting Dr. Kanani. Trusted Tarzana cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kanani welcomes new patients to his eco-friendly dental office for free consultations.

Bad habits that lead to tooth loss

In addition to hygiene, other bad habits can lead to tooth loss in Los Angeles. Smoking tobacco is a significant risk for gum disease and tooth loss. Nicotine changes the bacterial balance in your mouth, which can lead to gum disease. If you have a smoking habit, you should consider stopping before it’s too late.

Sugar consumption and tooth loss

Overeating sugar is never a good thing. Sugar isn’t good for your gut, and it’s not good for your teeth. If you have diabetes, you are at extreme risk for gum disease. In the United States, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. It’s essential to manage how much sugar you’re consuming for both your overall health and dental health. If you start to notice any changes in your mouth, such as pain, visit Dr. Kanani.

Blood pressure and tooth loss

According to the American Heart Association, there’s a correlation between gum disease and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that gum disease may make it more difficult to treat high blood pressure. The more severe the gum disease, the harder it was to treat high blood pressure. Treatment for the high blood pressure may not be as effective in patients with gum disease. Studies have shown that patients with good oral health react better to high blood pressure treatment. Therefore, it’s essential to take care of teeth and gums to promote healthy blood pressure.

How do I prevent tooth loss?

One of the most effective ways to prevent tooth loss is to practice good dental health habits. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing regularly. Also, see Dr. Kanani in his eco-friendly Tarzana dental office at least once every six months. If you start to experience pain or changes in your mouth, make an appointment with Dr. Kanani immediately. It’s also essential to maintain a healthy diet to promote good oral health. Make sure you are consuming adequate amounts of calcium, protein, and other nutrients. Also, talk to your doctor and dentist about dietary changes if you are having tooth problems.

Treating tooth loss in Los Angeles

Your teeth are more relevant to your health than you might realize. Not only will losing your teeth make you appear unhealthy, but it can also be the sign of a severe health problem. If you identify dental problems early, you have a better chance to recover quickly. As soon as you start noticing changes in your mouth, make an appoint with Dr. Kanani. If Dr. Kanani can treat your dental problem early on, he can salvage your original teeth. Also, even if you have had bad dental habits in the past, you can make a fresh start today.

Prevent tooth loss and visit Dr. Kanani today!

Are you afraid you might be at risk of tooth loss in Los Angeles? Trusted Tarzana dentist Dr. Kaveh Kanani has been treating patients in his Los Angeles dental office since 2001. Dr. Kanani has been helping patients improve their smiles for years. If you are experiencing tooth loss, Dr. Kanani will work with you to select the best treatment option. Visit his eco-friendly dental office in Los Angeles today. If you aren’t satisfied with your smile, call Dr. Kanani right away. One phone call could make all the difference. Dr. Kanani and his dedicated staff will welcome you into their eco-friendly Tarzana dental office.

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