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  • Sedation Dentistry
    Sleep Dentistry Sleep Dentistry is also referred to as Sedation Dentistry, and it is often u...
    Sedation Dentistry
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  • Top Dentist in woodland hills
    Known as an alternative to unsightly braces, Invisalign works to straighten teeth using a s...
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  • Dentures
    From companionship services to hospice care support
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Denta-C provides a vast range of dental care services for our patients. You can find the full list of services or order a free consultation if you are interested in general dental care.


Dr. K has been incredible in helping me not only overcome my total fear of dentists but also in getting my mouth health and looking SO MUCH better. He's kind, patient, willing to explain as much (or as little) as you want and willing to address any issues AFTER the procedure that you need. We've done two surgeries in April and I am well on my way to being healthy again after many years of infected and problem teeth.
Thank you so much Dr. K.

I went to Doctor Kanani for my tooth pain. I saw other doctors who told me we had to extract the tooth, but Dr. Kanani said it was better to save it. I didn’t even feel him start the procedure, that’s how comfortable he made sure I was. I had a perfect recovery and good am so grateful. Additionally the doctor gave me a payment plan that made saving my tooth possible. I give his services all my praises!


Can Dental Implant Surgery Be Painless, Drill-Less, And Flap-Less?

This is custom heading element Does the term “dental implant surgery” send chills up your spine? Do you cringe at the sound of a dental drill? Is it all the above and you’re at a loss for what to do to regain your smile after tooth loss? Then Dr Kaveh Kanani's painless, drill-less, and flap-less [...]

The Problem With Gum Recession And How Pinhole Surgery Can Help

This is custom heading element How many times have you left your dentist’s office feeling like you just weren’t taking good enough care of your teeth? Maybe you aren’t flossing enough, or correctly, or brushing your teeth often enough, or correctly. Or perhaps you’re not getting your bi-annual checkups like you should. We have all [...]

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

This is custom heading element One of the first things we do when we get up in the morning is look in the mirror. How many times do you look in the mirror and think, “I wish I had a better smile?” Perhaps some teeth are chip, crack, or maybe there’s a few noticeable gaps. [...]

Painless, Drill-Less, And Flap-less Dental Implants Technique

This is custom heading element Are you struggling with your smile due to a missing tooth? Do you have teeth that appear to be rotting away? Are you struggling with a medical condition that can lead to tooth loss? If any of these questions strike a nerve with you, consider Dr. Kaveh Kanani's painless, drill-less, [...]


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