Don’t Lose Your Teeth! Here are Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth

We rarely recognize that our teeth are among the most active parts of the human body. Teeth are the most robust bones we have, ranking five on the Moh’s Scale. When we think about our teeth, we believe they are untouchable. However, what if you don’t take care of your teeth? You often hear about people needing dental implants because of tooth loss. People don’t always lose teeth because of accidents. Poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth loss. For that reason, it’s essential to take care of your teeth, so you don’t end up losing them. We use our teeth for so many things beyond chewing our food. We sometimes use them to open packaging that’s hard to open (which we shouldn’t do). Occasionally we also may use our teeth as bottle openers or hold things when we don’t have enough hands.

Take care of your teeth and avoid disease

Many of the things we put our teeth through are essential factors in causing periodontal disease, decay, and tooth loss. Yes, you can see Dr. Kanani when these issues arise. However, there’s only so much Dr. Kanani will be able to do to improve your situation. Dental implants are the number one solution for those missing one or more teeth. However, you can sometimes prevent tooth loss before it happens. Taking care of your teeth is easy. All you have to do is practice good habits daily. Sometimes you never have to even think twice about some of the good habits to practice. Read on for tips on how to protect your teeth from tooth loss.

A good oral hygiene routine is important

Yes, you have been brushing your teeth at a young age. That’s great! Those who learned how to brush teeth as a child have a better chance of keeping the routine in adulthood. However, there may come a time in our teen years when we aren’t so good at keeping up an oral hygiene routine. There may have been days where we skip out on brushing teeth, and that slowly grew into a bad habit. A result of not brushing your teeth is tooth decay, which can follow you forever. If you have ever forgotten to brush your teeth more than once, it’s time to break the habit. Every time you don’t clean your teeth, you’re slowly increasing your risk of getting gingivitis. Additionally, not brushing your teeth can lead to staining and tooth decay. Don’t tear your oral health apart because you aren’t brushing your teeth!

Visit your dentist frequently

Even if making frequent dental appointments is a pain, you have to do it. At Dr. Kanani’s Around the Corner Dental Spa, we urge you to visit at least once every six months. Even one cleaning a year can go a long way in maintaining your oral health. Dr. Kanani can give your teeth a full cleaning that you can’t reach with a toothbrush.

Additionally, Dr. Kanani can provide you with dental tips that are specific to your case. At Dr. Kanani’s office, we treat patients like family. We won’t let you go home without educating you on your oral health.

Always drink water to maintain oral health

Drinking water is second to brushing your teeth when talking about proper oral hygiene. Water can flush out food particles that get stuck in between your teeth, gums, and tongue. Water is the only thing you can swish around in your mouth that won’t cause massive damage to your teeth. You should make sure and drink at least eight cups of water every day. Water not only helps you stay hydrated, but it removes any lingering sugars and bacteria. Also, while you’re drinking water, avoid drinking too many sugary drinks. We can’t stop you from drinking soda. However, you should know that drinking too much soda can lead to tooth loss and gum disease. Sugary drinks also dry out your mouth and cause dehydration. One of the best ways to ensure you keep all your teeth is to give up soda.

Invest in Dental Hygiene Products

You can’t cut corners when it comes to taking care of your teeth. To maintain strong and healthy teeth, you must invest in them. Replace your toothbrush at least once every three months. If you’ve been sick, replace your toothbrush sooner than three months. You can also invest in an electric toothbrush that aids in removing food particles and getting between your teeth. Also, don’t forget about your floss and mouthwash. Flossing is vital because it helps clean the half of your teeth you can’t reach with a toothbrush. If you use the right technique, it can take as little as a minute to floss every day. It’s also possible to use a Waterpik if you are scared of bleeding gums. Also, add a medicated mouthwash to your shopping list. Medicated mouthwashes tackle and prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay thanks to a unique formula. Investing now into your oral hygiene will pay off in the long run.

Keep a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals

Make sure you’re consuming foods that are rich in Vitamins A-E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iodine. These vitamins help strengthen enamel and remineralize your teeth as they prepare for contact with meals. If you can’t locate foods containing these essential vitamins and minerals, you can take supplements. Supplement tablets are easy to find at the pharmacy. It never hurts to have supplements even if you are already eating a balanced diet.

Contact Dr. Kanani for a free consultation

The tips above make it easy for you to take care of your teeth at home. As long as you use them to develop good habits, you’ll keep active and healthy teeth for your entire life. Around the Corner Dental Spa is here whenever you need us, even if you lose a tooth. Dental hygiene is important. Dr. Kanani will do his very best to make sure the teeth you grow as a teenager are the teeth you have in retirement. Call Dr. Kanani today for a free consultation, and invest in your oral health before it’s too late.

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