All You Need To Know About Painless, Drill Less, Flap-Less Dental Implants

The phrase ‘dental implants’ itself is a scary feeling for most of us. However, what if you come to know that there is a painless way of doing it too? Yes, you can now get painless, drill-less, flap-less implants. Doesn’t this make it easier and much less scary now? If you are not convinced yet, keep reading to find out all about these convenient dental implants! Also, know who the great doctor is behind providing this fantastic procedure that is technologically advanced and better.

The traditional dental implants practice

There is already a certain traditional way in which the dentist does dental implant surgeries of patients. The traditional approach consists of two operations in total. However, this condition depends upon the severity of the dental concern of the patient.

While performing dental implants, the doctor first creates a flap. That is, the gum of the patient is first cut from the middle to expose it in such a way that it becomes like a flap on top. The dentist is then able to locate the bone for further surgery.

Next comes the drilling part. There is drilling done into the tooth for an implant. Drilling is not a good measure as it results in extracting valuable pieces of the bone. So, it is best to have drill-less implants and stay healthier. If a significant part of the bone is drilled, the patient is required to get a block bone graft surgery done. In this surgery, the doctor needs to cut out a piece of another bone from the body and fix it in the jaw for better support.

How does the method of painless, drill-less, flap-less implants work?

This excellent method of painless, drill-less, flap-less implants work is devised by the highly qualified Dr. Kaveh Kanani. His process involves condensing the outer bone. This helps in creating the thicker wall. This helps in creating a better and more supportive wall for dental implants. Dr. Kanani fixes the implant in this gap in the jaw. Next, he closes this gap. It takes a period of about four to five months for the patient to undergo full recovery.

If you think that this period is too long, don’t forget the time it takes for recovery after traditional dental implants. For the conventional procedure, it takes up to 18 months for proper healing.

Benefits of the painless, drill-less, flap-less implants work

There is a multitude of benefits of opting for this excellent method for dental implants. The most significant benefits of these are given below:


Surgery and recovery time is lesser

Dr. Kanani usually takes about 40-60 minutes to complete the dental surgical procedure. Therefore, the painless, drill-less, flap-less implants procedures are generally over within a single day itself. On the other hand, when we compare it with the traditional means, it takes two surgeries at times for the complete and successful implant.

Also, as discussed previously in this article, the recovery times vary greatly too. While the traditional one takes 12-18 months, this one takes only 4-6 months for recovery.

It causes less invasion

Nobody likes it when doctors cut through their body parts for some surgical procedures. Therefore, the minimal the invasion, the better it is! There is going to be no drilling, taking out parts of the bone, or making a flap in this surgery.

This technologically advanced method by Dr. Kaveh Kanani is definitely more superior than the traditional implant surgical methods.

Cost-effective approach

Do you know how much dental implants surgeries cost? The costs for conducting traditional implants is comparatively way higher than the method that Dr. Kanani adopts for the implants. This painless, flap-less, and drill-less implants method is highly cost-effective; its costing comes up to about 799 dollars. This price might sound high but us way cheaper than the other methods. The traditional dental implants go higher than 3000 dollars at times.

On top of that, the recovery time is higher and might involve extra expenses too. Not to forget, in case the patient needs to undergo a block bone graft surgery after the implant, the cost goes further higher.

Reasons to opt for Dr. Kanani’s method

The main reasons, apart from the benefits of choosing Dr. Kanani for dental implants are as follows:

Better confidence

Our appearance is directly related to our confidence level. Therefore, when you select Dr. Kanani’s method instead, the procedure gets over within a single day. This means that you don’t even have to be with missing teeth! You can smile all you want after the procedure and keep your confidence high too.

Better hygiene and health

Oral health is as important as physical and mental health. When you choose painless, flap-less, and drill-less implants, you automatically sign up for better hygiene and good oral health too. Dental implants help in enhancing access to the regions between the teeth. Therefore, it becomes easier for the individual to focus on oral hygiene.


About Woodland Hills Dental Spa

Are you wondering where to find Dr. Kaveh Kanani to get avail the facility of painless, drill-less, flap-less implants from him? All you have to do is contact Woodland Hills Dental Spa. The Tarzana dentist, Dr. Kanani, is one of the leading and highly qualified dentists in the region. He is performing dental treatments for patients since the year 2001. Therefore, with nearly two decades of experience, you can trust his treatments.

The main aim of the doctor at Woodland Hills Dental Spa is to help the patients by providing them with quick and painless treatments. This way, he ensures that you get your smile back correctly and along with it, boost your confidence too.

For all those looking for dental implants that are affordable, non-invasive, and require less time for recovery, visit Woodland Hills Dental Spa! Let the expert, Dr. Kaveh Kanani, take over and solve your dental issues. Visit the clinic for a free consultation and smile as wide as you want with the right treatment.

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