Pin-hole surgery for gum recession

$350 OFF

(minimally invasive technique for gum grafting, no suture, and no flap needed)


$400 OFF



$400 OFF

Sleep apnea treatment (mostly covered by Insurance)

Laser therapy for pain management ($35 a session)

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Denta-C provides a vast range of dental care services for our patients. You can find the full list of services or order a free consultation if you are interested in general dental care.


I do not usually give reviews, but when a business does something extraordinary, I give credit when credit is due.

First, I dislike dentists. I have always had an extreme fear of them to the point of it being a phobia of some kind. However, Dr. Kanani was the dentist for my father who spoke of him highly (father passed away), and is the dentist for my mother. She praises him as well.
Not seeing a dentist for many years, I finally grew a pair and met with Dr. Kanani; he was extremely kind, professional, and patient. He understood my fears and explained different options on how to ease my visits and dental work, and again, was very kind.
That being said, I paid the price for not seeing a dentist as my teeth were in bad condition. I had to receive multiple root canals, extractions, crowns, bone grafting, deep teeth cleaning, and more. Thus, that put me in fear as to what the future held in terms of dental work. However, throughout my many visits, his staff and him have been kind and as gentle as possible. I can say with 100% confidence that my fear of visiting the dentist has minimize a lot, and I will continue to be his patient for many years to come.

So to sum this review up, his office staff, dental hygienist, dental assistants, and all the people there are so nice and professional! I am truly amazed with all of them.

P.S. On a different note, the dental office has a massaging chair, professional Keurig, and other little perks that makes the visits more at ease.

I went to Doctor Kanani for my tooth pain. I saw other doctors who told me we had to extract the tooth, but Dr. Kanani said it was better to save it.
I didn’t even feel him start the procedure, that’s how comfortable he made sure I was. I had a perfect recovery and good am so grateful. Additionally the doctor gave me a payment plan that made saving my tooth possible. I give his services all my praises!



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