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Is there an age limit for getting implants?
No, there is no age limit for getting dental implants. As we get older one potential concern is the ability to heal. The older we are, the longer it might take for a dental implant to completely integrate with surrounding bone. Another concern could be the quality of bone present. The bone will be evaluated by the dentist before dental implant acheter viagra en ligne placement. Dental implants should not be placed in growing jaws. However, after growth of jaws is complete dental implants can be placed at any time.
How much time off should I take after dental implant placement?
Realistically time off is not necessary after dental implant surgery. Placement of a dental implant is a minor surgical procedure similar to a simple tooth extraction. If you are considering getting multiple dental implants at once with possible tooth extractions, having a day or two to recuperate will allow you to recover quicker. Having multiple dental implants done at once can also affect your ability to chew. Not being able to chew on certain things can affect your diet and nutrition. Getting good rest means a speedy recovery and return back to normal.