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Why have your Invisalign remedy at Around the Corner Dental Spa?  We Offer FREE Services to our Patients in Chatsworth, CA

is a good option for anyone who wants straighter the teeth.  Dr. Dr. Kaveh Kanani has accomplished hundreds of orthodontic cases with outstanding and continuous results.  
Invisalign really is a wonderful product.  However, the particular success using it is dependent about the experience and abilities of the tooth team. Dr. Kaveh Kanani employ his / her skills and special processes to deliver  superb treatment plans in which yield  remarkable results that satisfy every Chatsworth, CA patients individual laugh wants and desires.
Significantly less treatment time
A typical Invisalign circumstance takes about a year coming from start to finish. You’ll see Dr. Kaveh Kanani on a monthly basis or so to see how you’re moving on. Every few visits, you’ll be provided with additional aligners to continue your remedy. Commonly, the number of aligners worn in the course of treatment is between 18 and also 30, but treatment serious amounts of the number of aligners will vary from situation to situation. Our office gives fantastic specials on invisalign.

Invisible. And cozy  
Invisalign is a virtually invisible remedy. So you won’t draw undue awareness of your mouth while in treatment. In reality, virtually no one will know you’re using them unless you tell them.

Is Invisalign personally?
Invisalign can be used to treat the vast majority of frequent problems for adults and young adults. Whether your smile wants minor improvements or more considerable adjustments, Invisalign can certainly help. It's productive in treating overly crowded or perhaps widely spaced teeth. It may also relieve more complex issues, which includes overbites, underbites and even crossbites. In fact, Dr. davidowitz are able to use Invisalign clear aligners in all or section of just about any treatment plan.

If you would like to learn more about straightening your laugh with Invisalign then please contact us to book a consultation. We’ll love to answer your questions and aid get you on your way to a right and gorgeous smile.

Contact us today at 818-999-4445 to set up a free of charge cosmetic consultation. We are located in Wood land, Hills a short drive coming from Chatsworth, CA.

Why are my teeth hypersensitive?
Sensitive teeth often range from fact that your gums have got slightly receded. This recession with the gum line allows the underlying dentin to demonstrate through which allows water and also food easier access to the particular sensitive nerve. To manage this kind of, there are a number of toothpastes, skin gels and even some dental processes that can be applied. Speak to us all in more detail if you have very hypersensitive teeth.

What should I do in order to prevent gum disease and oral cavaties?
Great teeth and periodontal care start at home. Scrubbing and flossing on a daily basis is the best approach to take care of your teeth and gums over a continual basis.   By keeping with a daily routing you will tremendously minimize the risk of gingivitis or tooth decay when you age.

What is Gingivitis?
Gingivitis is a problem caused when bacteria encompasses the teeth and enters the particular gums.  The gums can become annoyed, inflamed and often bleed.  In buy to prevent the condition from difficult, regular hygiene visits are usually highly recommended.  During your visit, our own Hygiene team will coach you on the proper flossing techniques and Oral cleanliness protocol for Home Attention will prevent the Periodontal Condition.

What is Periodontal Disease?
Nicotine gum Disease is a quiet disease that begins with little or no symptoms.  It will be caused by bacteria that encompasses the teeth and enters the particular gums.  The immediate condition is recognized as ‘gingivitis’.  The gums become irritated, irritated and often bleed.  If not properly taken care of, the condition worsens.  Noticeable symptoms today appear.  They include:
•    Bad Breathing
•    Gum Recession
•    Gum Sensitivity to Acid Foods
•    Abscesses
•    Tooth Pain
•    Tooth Loss

How will you Treat Periodontal Disease?

Nicotine gum Disease is a chronic problem that needs immediate attention.  Through some Periodontal Cleanings, Root Planing & Scaling, Laserlight Therapy and Local Antibiotics, this disorder can be controlled.  Periodontal Surgery is simply necessary for severe cases.

Is there a Difference a White and also Silver Filling?

Silver Tooth fillings known as Amalgam have been around for decades.  Made from your metal alloy, it was the most effective restoration for fillings.  The metallic expands and contracts with all the heat and cold put in the mouth.  This allowed regarding little bacteria to enter any tooth once filled; retaining the tooth healthy and strong.

White Tooth fillings, also known as composites are often manufactured from plastic or glass polymers. These kinds of cosmetic fillings allow us to fill any cavity with a substance that may look and feel just like your present tooth structure.  This restoration is done with a resin material and also fits tightly into a enamel to prevent decay.  Rather than a dull or silver material within your mouth, the composite shade will match the tooth shade.

How Can I Improve My Laugh?
There are several ways in today’s Tooth World to enhance your laugh.  Certain procedures include:  
•    Tooth Whitening
•    Bonding
•    Porcelain False teeth
•    Porcelain Crowns
We have the capability to boost your smile using all or some of these procedures. For an specific consultation, please contact our own office so that we may offer you a customized treatment plan.

What is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth Whitening is a cost effective and also safe procedure to create a gorgeous, healthy smile.  Over the years, flouride will be has been added to the lightening product.  This reduces the risk of enamel and gum sensitivity.  
Tooth Whitening must be monitored by your dentist in support of done after a comprehensive test and hygiene cleaning.

The particular whitening process can last for quite a few years if maintained properly.  Beverages including coffee, tea, cola and also wine will reduce the long lasting effect.  Remember, if it can stain a white clothing, it will stain your laugh!

What is Bonding?

Bonding can be a cost effective procedure used to load gaps in front teeth also to change a tooth’s color.  The quick results are amazing.  Within a few hours, you will have great smile!  Bonding like Tooth Whitening may change color as time passes due to coffee, tea, coca-cola and wine.

What are Porcelain ceramic Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers are usually thin pieces of porcelain which are directly on your natural the teeth. . This entire procedure can take as little as two visits.   Veneers affect the size, shape and hue of a patient’s teeth.  This procedure is utilized to repair fractured teeth, the teeth darkened by age or perhaps medication, or a crooked laugh.  Many times, patients ask for Porcelain ceramic Veneers to simply feel and look youthful with a straighter, whiter smile!

Exactly what are Crowns?
Crowns are a long lasting cosmetic procedure that covers the entire enamel.  It will change the size, shape and also color of the teeth in as little as 2 visits.  

What is a Tooth Implant?

A Dental Implant is a “man-made” replacement for weaponry testing tooth or tooth main.  Made from titanium, this screw-like object will be inserted under the gum and also directly into the upper or reduced jaw bone.  There is usually small discomfort involved with this procedure.  After a time period of a few months, the Dental Implant as well as the bone fuse together.  This generates an anchor for the fresh tooth to be placed on the dental implant.  

What are the Benefits of Tooth Implants?
•    Dental Implants look and function such as your natural tooth.
•    Dental Implants are a long lasting solution for missing the teeth.
•    Dental Implants are maintained by regimen hygiene visits to your office.
•    Dental Implants decrease the possibility of bone damage, periodontal disease,  tooth movements, and further tooth loss.
•    Dental Implants replace the necessity for a Removable Full or perhaps Partial Denture.
•    Dental Implants focus only about the tooth or teeth which can be missing.  A traditional bridge would certainly involve the two or more nearby teeth being compromised to make a false tooth in between.

That is a candidate for Dental Implants and is also it Affordable?
With key advancements in Dentistry and also Dental Implants, most people are candidates regarding Dental Implants.  There may be exceptions as a result of chronic illness, heart disease, and also severe osteoporosis.  We are your selection for an affordable cosmetic and implant dentist.

What does the particular Dental Implant Procedure Involve?

The common Dental Implant Procedure takes 3 to 4 visits.  The first visit is always to x-ray the area and take the feeling for a surgical guide plus a temporary prosthesis to cover the Implant.  
The subsequent visit is to place the Implant. An area anesthesia is applied to the location.  (Any additional sedation is no longer essential unless deemed by the dentist).   The particular dentist will then make a minor cut to place the implant. The implant is put into the jaw bone.  The location will then be covered with sutures.  The procedure is usually completed with minimal pain.

You will next go back in approximately 3 months to begin with creating the Porcelain The queen's to place over the Implant.

How long can a Dental Implant last?
With regimen dental hygiene scheduled and appropriate home care, A Dental Implant may last approximately 30 years to a life span.

Does your office offer loans for services provided?
You should contact us to discuss the options we've available to make your perfect laugh today!
The Finest Quality Services Available in Chatsworth, CA. ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

•    Patients arrive at the office to get impressions manufactured from their upper and lower teeth, in order that customized whitening trays can be produced which will maximize bleaching performance when trays are used.
•    Included in this package is 22% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel that sufferers load into their trays nightly during the bleaching process.
•    Patients need to wear the trays A single hr a day for 7-10 nights.
•    Lightens teeth a maximum of 5 colors, which is the whitest they will get applying this bleaching method, on average.
•    Teeth will first digress toward their normal colors as minerals penetrate enamel enamel; therefore, depending on the form of food and drinks you consume as well as your typical hygiene, two at-home touch-ups each year are generally necessary to maintain your bright laugh.
•    Many patients experience increased awareness to cold during the weeklong bleaching process.

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