What Is Sedation Dentistry in Los Angeles?

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Sleep Dentistry in Los Angeles is also referred to as Los Angeles Sedation Dentistry, and it is often used on patients that experience different levels of dental anxiety.  Dental anxiety is basically a fear of the dentist, and many individuals experience this fear even at the thought of a simple dental cleaning. The anxiety stems from the fear of pain as well as a fear of being out of control during the dental procedure. The good news is that there are various levels of sleep dentistry that can be used even during simple procedures. Common situations that may require Los Angeles sleep dentistrymay be an unusually long procedure, patients with special needs that tend to become anxious and move around (which makes it hard for the dentist to complete the procedure) or general dental phobia. Types of Los Angeles sedation dentistry solutions include general anesthesia, where the patient is asleep during the procedure, twilight sleep, where the patient is aware of their surroundings but completely relaxed and comfortable, and nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as laughing gas. Oral Los Angeles sedation dentistry is in the form of a pill or tablet that the patient is advised to take up to an hour before the procedure, and this is commonly used for patients with dental phobias. These are all options for patients that experience various levels of dental anxiety.