What Is Sedation Dentistry?

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What Is It?
Sedation dentistry, often called sleep dentistry as well, is a treatment substitute for patients with dental anxiety, patients in need of extensive dental work usually with several procedures, or handicapped and special needs patients. 1 in 7 people suffer from dental anxiety and Los Angeles sedation dentistry allows them to get the dental care they need, that they otherwise would avoid. Also if you have an important and big oral procedure you can opt for Los Angeles sedation dentistry.  There is general anesthesia, nitrous oxide gas, or twilight sleep to help you enter a serene state according to the degree of your situation which Dr. Kanani, an experienced dentist in Los Angeles, will evaluate.

Any Benefits?
 It makes you think that your procedure is only a couple of minutes or so. This is extremely useful for let’s say a root canal or a complete restoration. For 30% of the nation, which believe it or not includes Lamar Odem, who have dental anxiety, this is a way to finally get the treatments they might be neglecting to have.

What about Insurance?
Under definite conditions, yes; like young children that have been diagnosed with dental phobia, or having major oral surgery, or once again special needs patients. Other times it’ll be covered if the cost of one procedure with Los Angeles sedation dentistry is less than a series of procedures done normally. It’s imperative to confirm with your company first and attain a written consent or better yet have the dentist’s office call and talk to them about it because they can explain exactly what the procedure is and consult for you.
In reality it is completely up to you; do you mind being alert and awake, or do you want Los Angeles sedation dentistry to calm you down and numb you? Call today for an estimate and a consultation; don’t forget to mention our promo code “Smile 101” for instant savings!! Call 1-818-962-1141