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Dentist in Woodland Hills: Woodland Hills Sedation Dentist, Dr. Kanani
Does the thought of visiting a dentist in Woodland Hills and having your teeth cleaned make you tense with fear of dentists in Woodland Hills? Do you go through the agony of a toothache but still fear visiting dentists offices in Woodland Hills? You're not only one. Phobia of dentist offices in Woodland Hills are not uncommon.
For people who avoid dentists in Woodland Hills, sedation dentistry in Woodland Hills may take away some of their anxiety of dental offices in Woodland Hills. Sedation dentistry in Woodland Hills can be used for everything from invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures to a simple tooth cleaning. How it's used depends on the severity of the fear of dentist offices.

There are many levels of Sedation Dentistry in Woodland Hills:

  •  Minimal sedation, used by your dentist to help you relax; but you are awake during the dental procedure.
  • Moderate sedation also known as conscious sedation, you are awake during the dental office visit, but you may slur your words, and you may not remember much of the dental office visit and the Woodland Hills dental office procedure.
  •  Deep sedation, you are on the brink of consciousness during your visit in dental office in Woodland Hills but can still be awakened.
  • General anesthesia, you are completely unconscious during your visit at the dental office in Woodland Hills.

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